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Feb 4, 2013 1:00pm EST
ones scored touchdowns. which ones bumbled. and did beyonce cause the super bowl blackout? >>> and money does not buy you love, but does money buy the wealthy happiness? a new survey may well surprise you. hi, sue. >> hi, ty. risk off in terms of trading. a lot of fears about europe forcing the debt way off from the 14,000 mark we saw last week. dow and s&p having the biggest drop so far. down 123 points. nasdaq is down almost 40 point. that's almost 1.25 percent to the minus side. s&p down 14 points, almost 1%. bob pisani joins me on the nyse trading floor to talk about things. last week we were all looking at dow 14,000. but kenny will come in in a minute. and i have been talking about it. the market is due it pull back. >> it is a mod et pull back. while the global markets pulled back a little, watch exchange trade of funds, which is why i watch them put up big losers today. there is vanguard european fund. look, china, second one, that's the biggest china etf. that's down and indian stocks are down as well. and that's the ixg, global financial stocks. that's the weak b
Feb 4, 2013 4:00pm EST
washington speak translated by former gop senator judd gregg? >>> and did beyonce blow out the lights at the super bowl? maybe. we'll talk about that. the superdome power outage. >>> also the beatles said money can't buy you love but can it buy you happiness? we'll see what the millionaires say. stay with us. is is for real thi. is is for real thi. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. >>> welcome back. the dow industrial it is pulling way back from friday's 14,000 peak in a significant way. let's get to bob pisani recapping the movers. >> biggest declines of the year. declines up 1.5% to 2% in all the big names. but please note compared to what happened in europe, this is small potatoes. put up some of what happened here. nothing yet in italy the oldest bank is being investigated. the problem is draghi was the -- he's being drawn in a bit. spain calls finish
Feb 4, 2013 4:30pm PST
amount with that. pepsi's recent endorsement deal with beyonce, for example, is going to do a lot to bring attention to the brand. she's hip, she's successful. and people are going to think of pepsi the way they think about beyonce. so even though it's i think a $50 million endorsement deal, they i am sure will be positive because it ill be a very effective spokesperson for them. >> her fans and supporters putting aside all the lip syncing controversy in recent weeks. steve we've got to leave it there. steve with us, steve is with vanderbilt university. >> susie: lots of talk on wall street about dell going private, with some saying the struggling computer maker could make the move as early as tomorrow. the wall street journal cites sources as saying the final buyout price could top $23 billion, or as much as $13.75 a share. reportedly, the partners in the buyout include founder michael dell, silver lake partners, the private equity firm, and microsoft, each putting up billions of dollars. >> susie: tom, a lot has changed in the p.c. market since michael dell founded the company 3
Feb 4, 2013 7:00pm EST
a tremendous amount with that. pepsi's recent endorsement deal with beyonce, for example, is going to do a lot to bring attention to the brand. she's hip she's successful. and people are going to think of pepsi the way they think about beyonce. so even though it's i think a $50 million endorsement deal they i am sure will be positive because it will be a very effective spokesperson for them. >> her fans and supporters putting aside all the lip syncing controversy in recent weeks. steve we've got to leave it there. steve with us, steve is with vanderbilt university. >> susie: lots of talk on wall street about dell going private, with some saying the struggling computer maker could make the move as early as tomorrow. the wall street journal cites sources as saying the final buyout price could top $23 billion, or as much as $13.75 a share. reportedly, the partners in the buyout include founder michael dell, silver lake partners, the private equity firm, and microsoft, each putting up billions of dollars. >> susie: tom, a lot has changed in the p.c. market since michael dell founded the company 30
Feb 4, 2013 6:30pm PST
flacco's passes taking them to a 6-3 lead at halftime. beyonce gave a dazzling halftime performance but soon after, the superdome suffered a power outage. then the forty-niners came back racking up 17 straight points. 5 yards away from a winning touchdown, san francisco surrendered the ball in the game ended 34-31. possibly the happiest raven, 37- year-old ray lewis retiring with two super bowl triumphs. >> what a better way to go out. more importantly, it was my team. the things we have been through all year. battle tested through this journey. an all-out rollercoaster. >> back in baltimore, celebrating all through the night their first super bowl victory in 12 years. >> that 34-minute delay meant i was up the whole life. >> thanks for watching us. for more on these and other stories. >> thanks for watching.
Feb 5, 2013 4:00am PST
will not impact the city of new orleans' chances of hosting another super bowl. and he said beyonce's halftime show did not affect the power outage because she used a separate generator. joke, ha, ha. >>> it was 108.4 million people, that makes it the third most watched program in television history behind super bowl games in 2010 and 2011. but the super bowl did set a new record of 24.1 million twitter posts compared to over 13 million last year. social media around the world was way up, by the way, except for some reason for people in greenland and russia. the parent of the two super bowl coaches, jack and jackie harbaugh had a difficult time during the super bowl, according to the new jersey governor, chris christie, who was sitting next to them. >> they looked almost physically in pain for most of the game. they really did. and i felt awful for them. they're just wonderful people. they're really kind, nice people. we had conversations during time-outs or at halftime. but they are wonderful folks but they were clearly in misery. >>> in europe, the investigation of world soccer has uncovered
Feb 5, 2013 4:30am EST
will not impact the city of new orleans of hosting the show. and beyonce halftime show did not affect the power. >>> it was 108.4 million people, that make the it the third most watched tv game in sports history. but the super bowl did set a new record of 24.1 twitter posts. central media around the world was way up except for people in greenland and russia. >>> around the parents of the two super bowl coaches, jack and jackie harbaugh had a difficult time during the super bowl according to governor chris christie sitting next to them. >> they looked almost physically in pain. at the really did. i felt awful for them. they're just wonderful people. kind people, we had conversations during halftime. they were wonderful folks, but they were clearly in misery. >>> finally in europe, the investigation of world soccer has uncovered hundreds of expected cases of match fixing. authorities said there were 380 suspicious cases of match fixes in europe and another 300 around the world. >> early today sports brought to you by just for men. >>> anchorman sequel gets a bridesmaid and in cement, just as joe
FOX Business
Feb 4, 2013 1:00pm EST
performance at the super bowl, beyonce is likely off to new york city to make cold hard cash. more of it, for just sitting? that's right. i said sitting. new york's fashion week starts wednesday. the a-list stars like beyonce and gwyneth paltrow, get thousands of to sit in the front row. they look like they're having fun? melissa: no they look bored. lori: stars like jessica biel and a leash is a keys can rake in 60 grand for a 15 minute show. other stars can take home 10,000. what do you think?. >>? melissa: i think they list them, a, b, c, d, list. how do you move up the strata? very hard for me to think that beyonce would show up for $100,000. pepsi is paying her $50 million. she is pretty busy. the whole inauguration -- part of that whole 50 billion thing with pepsi. lori: got it. melissa: will she really show? i don't think she will get out of bed for $100,000. you pay taxes on that. $10,000 a day. i don't get out of bed for less than --. lori: linda evangelista. here is my angry list? do you have an angry list? melissa: i love that. never compete with that. that's fabulous. what do
Feb 4, 2013 12:00pm EST
. it may even anger you. and the blackout bowl. did beyonce's incredible halftime show bring down the lights at the game? halftime report will be back in two minutes. the halftime report, even better than beyonce. >>> welcome back. budweiser may have had last night's most popular super bowl ad, but stock is not winning any fans on wall street today. parent inbev downgraded. time to debate this one. joe is the bear, 90 second on the clock. weiss, you're up. >> typically, bud is a low beta stock. we just talked about beta is the place you should be avoiding. defensive growth, descent yield. but i think they will come to an agreement with the justice department and that's why people have been negative on them. 's w stock traded off. so they will settle in some house. maybe prices will go forward. if they don't, look for a massive buy back that will have the same effect of driving earnings. >> listen, i like the strategy and truly the belief is there will be a settlement but i don't think there will be a settlement here and i believe management believes they have a case over the next
Feb 3, 2013 11:00pm PST
phenomenon. if you do not like sports, this is a beyonce concert. she does have a reunion with destiny's child. a lot of people watch the game for the advertisements. companies end up paying $4 million for a 30-second ad as one of the reason so many people watch this game, an estimated 111 million people in this country alone. >> an important day or night for new orleans. there was a power outage, but people will see a city in recovery or having recovered, and will they? >> yes, if the power outage had not been an extent -- an external problem, ithat would have been a real problem. the dome is a bit of a symbol of the recovery of new orleans. this superdome was used to house 20,000 people who were homeless after hurricane katrina swept through the town. not only is the super dome back, they are seeing a return of people, and the super bowl is happening at the middle of mardi gras. we have got a lot of money coming back into the town, and this is the showcase event. >> finally, the latest score. >> 28-6. there is not a lot of love in san francisco now. our group of cowboys are sitting a
Feb 4, 2013 6:00am EST
. and some say beyonce sucked up so much energy that there was a problem. but basically, there was some sort of power surge and an automatic breakerer kicked in. when that happens, it takes time to restart because the generators kick in and you have to transform back to electrical. so it took 4 the minutes and the game was totally different. >> was there a sense of calm during the darkness? >> that's another great issue. everyone pretty much stayed in these seats and tweeted. >> my favorite tweet, by the way, was in hindsight, maybe installing the clapper was a bad idea. >> and maybe, you know, when jim was behind as a kid, he smacked out the lights. i saved and rete teetweeted a bf different things on it. and we'll get into ads later, oro did you can even dunk in the dark. they had it out there immediately. and you saw the audi one where they said this was a mercedes problem? >> and the bottom line is, san francisco made it all the way back, had basically first and goal to take the lead and did not score. if san francisco had won the game, this would be a much different conversation. >> did
Feb 5, 2013 11:00am PST
. >>> beyonce, the halftime, not the only performance on super bowl sunday. ♪ shaq, a beyonce fan, mouthing the lyrics to halo. not the first time shaq has done a beyonce sing along either. couple of years go he posted a video of himself doing the song "beautiful nightmare" in drag. shaq for you. >>> an asteroid half the size of a football field is hurdling towards earth as i speak. getting closer and closer now. the tug of earth's gravitational field will cause it to speed up. don't panic. experts say there is no chance that the space rock is on a collision course with our planet. stargazers in eastern europe, asia, and australia may actually get to catch a glimpse as it flies by us late next week. >>> the woman accused of stabbing her ex-boyfriend multiple times takes the stand and says, well, yeah, she's the killer. heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story. [ male announcer ] when we built the cadillac ats from
Jan 31, 2013 3:00pm EST
was watching one of the tvs over here and i saw beyonce singing the national anthem, and i was wondering if ron would come in and was lip synching for ben bernanke actually. >> i do because i think he's the best. >> bernanke is not lip synching anything. they are not going anywhere. they are for real. >> he's an original. the thing about fed policy, as was said yesterday, the fed is not going to tighten policy until the unemployment rate comes down towards 6.5% or inflation, which it's not doing, gets above 2.5%, so the fed is going to be easing still for quite some time and the economy is strengthning and a lot of good things are going on. energy expansion, manufacturing is coming home. we've talked about this many times in the past. the profit reports we've seen thus far is quite encouraging. hard to argue that the market is sending a message that it's in trouble. >> encouraging is in the eye of the beholder. we took these numbers down so far for the fourth quarter it was ridiculous. we're looking at maybe a 3% profit growth this quarter which is not really growth at all in my eyes. you know,
Feb 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
outlet in beyonce's dressing room. >> the woman's got a lot of nice hair, jane. >> she did. she was fierce. >> fierce. >> awesome. >> definitely fierce. jane, thank you. >> you're welcome. >>> still ahead, pete takes the spotlight in good, bad and ugly. find out why. and we trade our favorite tweets of the day. did yours make the cut? more "fast" straight ahead. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪ from td ameritrade. but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money.stor. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses
Feb 4, 2013 3:00am PST
, of course, was beyonce, at the halftime the spectacular half-time show she was not lip sinking >> it was good. reunited with her band destiny's child. what do you think about the evening? howard calling from the west coast. good morning. >> good morning, bill. i liked that coke commercial. >> bill: slow down. you mean the coke commercial in the desert? >> right. i kind of liked that one, too. >> bill: that was fun. i see especially liked all of the presill-prescilla action queen of the desert. that was part of the coke comerwere. the horses and the camel and the motorcycle, yeah and the bus. that was fun. >> caller: what i wanted to comment about, was about the lights. >> bill: what the hell happened? >> caller: hum? >> bill: what the hell happened? >> caller: the lights went out. in the new orleans, >> bill: you are talking about with katrina? no? >> caller: no. in the '67, when the new orleans saints first came into the league. >> bill: i don't know. >> caller: down in new orleans, they were ready to score and they fumbled the ball
FOX News
Feb 4, 2013 8:00am PST
a look what may have caused the outage. is it beyonce's fault, jon? that is the big question. the halftime show, did it do it? jon: you know, at least people drank a lot of beer during that 34 minutes. jenna: it apparently helped the television ratings as welcoming across from the "new york times." very interesting. big story for us. we'll get to the bottom of this mystery, hopefully next. jon: new developments in the remarkable recovery of that pakistani teenager who defied the taliban. 15-year-old malala yousufzai was shot in the head last year after she spoke out for the rights of girls to get an education. now she is releasing a video statement speaking clearly about her recovery. jamie colby live with that from our new york newsroom. >> reporter: jon, who doesn't love a great success and survival story. the doctors clearly had to wait it out, see how much damage was done when the teenager took a bullet to the head by the taliban before they could predict whether or not 15-year-old malala would do this. >> today you can see that i'm alive. i can speak. i can see you. i ca
Feb 5, 2013 3:00am PST
that coming. >> the investigation at the superdome still ongoing. super energy user beyonce. >> who wrote that? >> i did. >> that's why you don't do scripts. >> i wrote that. >> beyonce was an early suspect in the power outage. >> please. >> she's off the hook. reports are she brought her own dpen rater at the -- generator at the halftime show. >> who doesn't. >> there was another blackout last night in the nba. utah jazz and sacramento kings saw the start of their game delayed monday after the lights dimmed and had to be reset at salt lake city's ironically named ener"energy solutions are" >> really? >> this time not 34 minutes, only a three minute delay. >> whatever. >> i think everyone will enjoy this, if you don't like making out with the kids in the room, have them step outside just a second. old milwaukee, will ferrel, you may have seen have teamed up for a long campaign together. the new super bowl ad you probably didn't see because it only aired in select markets. remember this one, this is a different ad that aired in last year's super bowl only in a small nebraska tv market. this yea
Feb 1, 2013 4:00am EST
highlight of the super bowl each year is also the halftime show. this year, beyonce has the nod. she generated a little controversy last year when it was revealed she lip sync'ed the presidential inauguration. yesterday, she laid off that to rest. snoets and the home of the brave the brave ♪ thank you guys so much. any questions? ♪ [ male announcer ] make your escape... twice as rewarding. earn double points or double miles on all your hotel stays through march thirty first. sign up now at >>> the jpmorgan traders in london reportedly tried to alert others at the bank of mounting risks to his derivati rivetderi. the size of his betts were getting scary. at the same time, another whale discovery in the uk. this is a slightly different nature. but it might leave one british man with 100,000 pound payday. 50-year-old ken willman stumbled upon a clump of whale vomit. now, he initially thought it was a football? he thought that was a football. all right. anyway, he the picked it up. he noticed a foul smell and he told sky news that a french company offered to pay him
Feb 4, 2013 4:00am EST
everyone, pageantry, beyonce bringing the house down with her halftime show and, oh, yeah, the football show, too. baltimore ravens won big over the san francisco 49ers when the lights went out in the new orleans superdome. you can see the reaction from people there on the field until you can't. it led to a 34-minute delay. extraordinary. officials say an abnormalities caused the power system to automatically shut down. when play resumed, the 49ers had a chance to take the lead late, but failed to score a fourth and goal. baltimore holds on winning, 34-31 for the second super bowl title in its team's history. we'll have more about the other part of the game. the super bowl ads, just who are the winners and losers in the next half hour. but first, sorry to do this, we have to talk politics. >>> president obama says more tax revenue will be needed to help reduce the deficit. he'll push to get rid of loopholes such as the carried interest tax break enjoyed by private equity firms and hedge funds. >> i don't think the issue right now is raising rates. the question is, if we're going to be s
FOX Business
Feb 1, 2013 11:00am EST
? charles: beyonce wouldn't sing the national anthem. that is an example. people don't take risks under this administration. >> at the craps table, the dice, let's -- what is going to happen to remove the charles: markets of pretty strong. toyota sales just came in 26% up year over year. all these auto companies do well, yesterday on donation broke out huge. auto sales of the extraordinarily well. housing coming back, job numbers look not too good. between the markets and some parts of the economic reality. tell you what. never disconnected to hear now. [talking over each other] dagen: i am dagen mcdowell. connell: i am connell mcshane. dow 14,000 and we found out there were 157,000 new jobs created last month. just a small desk and twelve million people looking for work. we have guggenheim's scott minerd coming up on speeding up the recovery. dagen: the national debt and not a worry. not even in that country's biggest economic problem. that is a growing chorus in this country among so-called experts but are those stinkers not living in the u.s. but in fantasyland? connell: we will talk
Feb 5, 2013 6:00am EST
. they want to know if sean parker is bringing beyonce. >> but he didn't. >> no. he brought john legend, much better than beyonce. >> michael dell couldn't be photographed with certain people. >> include john legend. >> the other thing i want to get at is job advice. should people still try to get jobs in finance? is that a good place to get a job? and if they actually want it, what are they supposed to do? >> i think first of all it's great we had a financial crisis because i think it stopped the die version of talent to banks. it should be other places, you know? it's the best talent kept going to banks because it pays so much, we would never get anybody decent in government, we would never get anybody decent in business. now people should only be going for jobs in the financial services if they really want them and they really are interested in it. when i was 13, someone taught me in this relationship between the rate of interest and the price of bonds. i was gripped. and, you know, if you were like that, come work in financial services. >> i'm the wrong person to ask this because i'm not
Feb 4, 2013 9:00am EST
? what's going on? >> that's exactly right. we're headed to the airport. i've got to get back. beyonce, very good. >> i've got to ask you about the game. let's deal what we're dealing with out of europe on the market this morning. how serious is this? >> i'm going to say not serious. i think the market needed a breather. i don't think europe is driving up anymore. [ inaudible ]. >> what would be on your buy list, cramer? >> we talked about the europeans. [ inaudible ]. >> we're having a hard time hearing you, jim. i want to find out, but we'll have to find out in person tomorrow what you did in the 38 minutes when the lights went out. >> i have to tell you, first you have no doubt they'll fix it. it is the nfl. now, it is new orleans. [ inaudible ] . >> jim, safe travels home. we'll talk to you later in the week. maybe tomorrow. depending how quickly you can get back. jim cramer in new orleans today. what a weekend he must have had. >> of course, as you know, lights out at the super bowl last night after an electric performance for beyonce. the power went out for more than a half hour.
Feb 4, 2013 3:00am PST
beyonce. >> yeah. >> yeah? and? >> she was hot. that was good. >> really? >> yeah, i thought so. >> wow. >> what did you guys think? apparently she did not lip-sync. >> no, i would prefer jennifer hudson and the sandy hook choir. >> that was amazing. i did see that. >> so moving. that was fantastic. and the game was pretty good, too. >> we've had some good super bowls of late. >> interesting game, though. it went one way, it went the other way. >> with 34 minutes. >> with 34 minutes in between. >> 34 minutes in the middle. >> so did anybody here pick the 49ers? i think we all picked the ravens last week. >> i did. >> you picked the 49ers? >> i did, didn't i? >> i don't know. >> i think i did. >> nate silver picked the 49ers. >> oh. >> did he really? i tell you what, nate is great when it comes to politics. he's had a rough run of it in football. >> let's get to politics. >> it was a great game, though. great country. you think about our childhoods, right? what could you count on? the super bowl would be a terrible game. >> i know. >> and we've had a real run, the last four or five super
Feb 5, 2013 7:00am PST
that the halftime show was to blame. >> to say that beyonce's halftime show has something to do with it is not the case from anything we have at this point. >> the halftime show, as the commissioner said was running on 100% generated powerment. >> reporter: and despite the glitch, new orleans is still planning to make a bid for the city's 11th super bowl in 2018. >> the most important thing is to make sure that people understand it was a fantastic week here. we know that they have an interest in future super bowls, and we look forward to evaluating that going forward. >> reporter: next year's game will be played at new jersey's metlife stadium. and goodell says he and new jersey governor chris christie have already discussed it. >> he's already hard at work at that already. but i think that's the issue. you know, we always identify this as a potential concern. and it's something that we always have to do the proper steps to make sure we prepare for that. >> reporter: the memo released late monday shows one of the reasons officials ordered these tests las
Feb 2, 2013 11:00am PST
you a good explanation. but i think the big kfrgds will be beyonce's half time performance. >> we know one thing, she will be singing it. >> and's ad will be the most talked about. >> and the two brothers that were coaches, i want to see how dinner goes in their house. >> we have on go. my corporate bosses are speaking, esther, sure to be a great game either way. we enjoyed having you. have to come back, we have to get you back here. we will see you back here tomorrow. 3:00 eastern, i will talk to form former texas senator, and al sharpton will join me. chuck todd will be with us as well. little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, he
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)